Administration of the Board

The Registrar/CEO is the Administrative Head of the Organization and also serves as Secretary to the Governing Board, which comprises of a part-time Chairman and members. The past Registrar/CEO of the Board include; Mal. Bashir Umar RCHP, MA, HMPP (2000 -2009) and Mr. Shiono A. Bennibor RcHP, MSc, BSc.

The following units are under the office of the Registrar/Ceo:
  1. Legal unit
  2. Internal Audit unit
  3. Public Relations unit
  4. Procurement unit
  5. Servicom

Departments of the Board

The following departments and units have been approved for the organization, namely;

  1. Finance and Administration Department,
  2. Education Development and Standards Department,
  3. Inspectorate Department and,
  4. Registration and Databank Department.

The Units include;

  1. Legal Unit,
  2. Internal Audit Unit,
  • Public Relations Unit,
  1. Procurement Unit and,

History of the Board

The Board has been headed by the following former registrar since inception.

  1. Malam Bashir Umar 2000- 2009
  2. Mr. Shiono A. Bennibor or 2010 - 2014
  3. Mr. Salisu M. Abubakar (Ag.) 2014 - 2016
  4. Mr. Adebayo Yakub Muhammed (Ag.) 2017 - Till date

Our Partners

The Board has been able to establish partnership and linkages with several international organizations/partners and governmental institutions that have ensured good working relationship in promoting the development of Community Health Practitioners in the country. To this end, the Board has record increased patronage by International partners/Organizations. Some of these organizations/partners include:
  • WHO
  • Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH),
  • Jhpiego,
  • Centre for Integrated Health Projects (Cl HP)
  • CHAI
  • USAID - FHi3601
  • CapacityPlus,
  • Institute of Human Virology (IHVN),
  • Save the Children International (SCI),
  • Population council,
  • Various Depts of FMOH,
  • Women 4 Health,
  • PRINN-MNCH, and West African Health Organization (WAHO) etc

About Us

The Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of Nigeria is a statutory regulatory Board under the Federal Ministry of Health. It was established by Decree Number 61 of 1992, now CAP C 19, Laws ofthe Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

Head Office

Address: Plot 379, EFAB Estate Road,
life Camp, Abuja.
Telephone: 08034567890

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